Volunteer Tracking

Some schools require students to complete a certain number of volunteer hours every school year. Accordingly, Django-SIS allows school staff to keep track of a student’s volunteer hours, sites, and site supervisors. Tracking volunteers works similar to other modules in terms of adding and storing data.

Adding a Volunteer

Locate the Volunteer_track module of Django-SIS from your main dashboard screen. Once found, select add by the volunteers option. The following page will be displayed:


Under student begin typing in the name of a student you will be adding as a volunteer. A list of students will then show in a drop down box. Once your selection has been made, the remaining fields are optional- hours required, notes, sites. Select Save.

Volunteers will be stored under the Volunteers heading along with their progress in number of volunteer hours completed.


Add a Site for Volunteers

Sites refer to the physical location of where students will be volunteering. In the volunteer track module, the volunteer sites option is for school staff to create a new volunteer session for a student without the student submitting.

From the Volunteer Tracking header select +Add by the Sites option.


Next, you’ll see the image below directing you to fill out basic site information. Save your changes.


Assign a Site Supervisor

At the familiar Volunteer Tracking module, select +Add next the Site supervisors option.


From this screen, add your information in about the supervisor. Note: only the NAME field is required, although ideally you could set the site of where this person is in charge of at this screen as well.

Add Volunteer Site

Selct +Add by the Add Volunter Site on the Volunteer Tracking module. Clicking add will lead to the following screen:


Here, you may enter the appropiate information in to register hours for a particular student.


Once the hours have been registered, you will see this reflected in the volunteer dash.