Preparing for a New YearΒΆ

This section will serve as a checklist for users as they get ready for a new school year.

  1. Change School Year

Note: This will change students year- freshmen will be come sophomores, seniors will graduate, etc.

How to: User must have the necessary permissions (typically a registrar). Select Admin from the top-right selection bar, then Change school year.


Select the appropiate year from the drop down and submit. A confirmation screen appears and the change will go through once YES has been selected.

  1. Create New Marking Periods/Semesters

In order for grades/attendances/disciplines etc. to be logged appropiately, it is vital that the correct marking periods are set up, and that you set the correct current marking period.

How to: Under the Courses and Grades tab, select Marking periods. If you notice that marking periods for the next year have not been created, select +Add. You will be taken to the following screen:


Fill out the appropiate information and set the correct dates. Check the Active box if that marking period will be the first marking period for the new year (i.e. August - November). Save

  1. Create students from Applicants

You may refer to `Creating Students from Applicants`_. One thing worth repeating: the only applicants who will be converted into students are those applicants who have the green check under the ready to export column header.

  1. Create Courses for the New Year

How to: click here to read over the how-to section on this topic `Creating Courses`_.

Note: ensure that you select the correct marking period when creating new courses.

  1. Enroll Students in New Courses

How to: refer to `Enrolling Students`_.