The discipline module tracks a student’s discipline information including infractions, actions to be taken, and the teacher who reported the infraction. Similar to the other modules in Django-SIS, discipline reports can be generated and exported into an Excel document.

View Discipline

For fast lookup of a particular student’s discipline record:

  1. Select Discipline from the navigation menu, then View.
  2. Begin typing in the name of the student in the text box, and Django-SIS will present you with a list of available students as shown below:
  1. Once a particular student has been selected, Django-SIS will present all discipline information that has been input for the student:

Discipline Reports

Displine Reports allows users to pull and filter discipline data by action, infraction, time, and minimum number of incidents.


By Student Report produces a list of students who have a record of disciplinary action including details about the incident.

Aggregate Report generates an Excel document tallying each disciplinary incident.


Discipline Actions

The link to Discipline Actions is located in Home under Discipline.

Here disciplinary actions available from the dropdown menu may be modified. Clicking Discipline Actions presents a list of current discipline actions. To add an action, click +Add Discipline Action, enter a new discipline, then Save.

Schools beginning to use Django-SIS should add all discipline actions that the school currently utilizes.