The alumni module allows schools using Django-SIS to keep track of students who have graduated or left their respective schools. When schools increment school years in preparation for the new year, all classes at that time will move up one year (Freshmen become Sophomores, etc.). Seniors will then graduate and become alumni in the system. Optionally, Django-SIS can sync with National Student Clearinghouse to help track online.

Alumni Dashboard

You can access the alumni module by clicking on Alumni > Alumni Administration at the top menu bar in Django-SIS. From here, select Alumni to get to the dashboard.

The alumni dashboard is pictured below:


This dashboard allows users to gather and export a list of alumni as well as utilize filters to quickly pull pertinent data.

Alumni Filters

In sum, users have 5 filters available to utilize that Django-SIS will sort accordingly:


Whether or not the student graduated from your school

Program Years

What type of program that student went on to advance to (2 year college, 4 year, etc.) after graduating,


Name of the college the student is attending

College override

Yes/No field where checked indicates college enrollment data will not set college and graduated automatically. Most likely the majority of alumni you have will not have this checked.

Class of year

What year the alumni graduated from your school.

Storing Alumni Data

Clicking on an alumnus from the student dashboard opens up a page that allows users to enter a multidude of data. Towards the the top is basic data, including: college, status, graduation date, type of college, and alumni action. If you make any edits, don’t forget to click Save at the bottom right of your screen. The image below details the aforementioned:


Additional Data

In addition to the basic data outlined above, the Alumni module allows school staff to store any notes or interactions with that particular student.