Django School Information System Documentation

Date:November 21, 2013

Django-SIS is an open source school information system built with Django. It relies heavily on the django admin interface for backend usage (registrar, etc.) and is intended for schools with or without work study programs. Django-SIS is able to integrate with Naviance Premium Accounts for college preparedness, Engrade for grades, SugarCRM for sales and customer tracking, and National Student Clearinghouse for tracking alumni.

In sum, Django-SIS includes pluggable apps designed to cover most if not all a school’s needs. The apps include: School Information, Admissions, Alumni, Attendance, Discipline, Schedules/Courses/Grades, Volunteer Tracking, and Work-Study.

The purpose of this documentation is to be a user manual for end users. Most features will be highlighted and discussed, along with explanations and how-tos for everyday tasks. If you are a developer more interested in the technical aspects of Django-SIS, please refer to our github page.

Discussion/Developing Django-SIS

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